The Experience of a Lifetime
              The Experience of a Lifetime                                                                                                                                                                                      


Dear Dean, Words cannot express the ride you took us on in the Mountains, August 16.  I have always enjoyed the mountains and a deep love for horses.  The professionalism in which you put the two together was unbelievable.

We were in the mountains, on the mountains and over the mountains.  We experienced Gods creation in majestic form in pristine conditions, making our group most grateful for what we were able to experience.

The trip was well planned, great horses, and equipment; providing us with a safe and gratifying experience.

To be able to take my eight year old grandson with us, instilling in him the appreciation of nature and what a wonderful world it really is was priceless.

Dean, I appreciate what you do and the way you go about doing it.

- Buzz from TX.



My wife and I had an amazing ride with Dean in early October. I had kept the ride a secret as a part of our honeymoon and Dean was very accommodating to our needs. We had a great time and highly recommend this ride in some of the most beautiful country in the world. 


           - Nick Morgan


Lafayette, Louisiana


I'm writing to say thank you for the endless work and effort you provided for our week hunt to be seamless. This includes you packing our party of 3 up the mountain, packing out an elk we were blessed to take by bow to final recovery of us and the camp supplies. Your energy is above and beyond. You properly invest and plan your business to cross all T's. The additional steps you took did not go unnoticed and made our week in the mountains awesome! Taking a 6x6 elk by bow is an experience I will never forget and your service made it all possible at that altitude. Thanks again and see you next year.


         - Philip 



Most amazing trail ride we have ever experienced! The real deal. Dean you rocked this ride! We will be back! 


                  - The Fox's

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